Business Intelligence



Business Intelligence or BI, references a combination of architectures, applications, and databases that enable timely interactive access, analysis and manipulation of data.  As former Fortune 500 retail executives we understand that now, more than at any time in the previous two decades, retail dealers' need access relevant information that can be shared easily across all levels of management so that it can acted on quickly.

We understand that by empowering dealers with information and data we better align our activities with their needs and deliver value in the process.  Our BI tools are all mobile enabled for most tablets and smart phones, including Apple and Android systems.  Our BI is focused on three key areas:

  • Sales KPIs:  Including access to interactive charting and data detailing, among other things, opportunity conversion rates by location, zip, store manager, associate, and merchandise category.  Data sets also include trailing period trending and downloadable data tables.
  • Service & Claim Data:  Easily view, download and share all claims made, claims paid, and service data in formats that can be correlated by store, zip, and even by sales associate.  Gain insight into claim severity, frequency and loss by manufacturer and model.  Correlate service and sales KPIs to discover hidden relationships toward improving improving performance.
  • Selling Skills, Associate Attitude, & Exit Surveys:  Utilize our mobile surveys and let us uncover hidden correlations between associates' skills, attitudes, and behaviors that improve or impede performance.  Gain quantifiable insight into specific associate skill sets to focus training efforts on.   Identify behaviors to focus financial rewards on to gain improved ROI on commissions and incentives.

Whether you are one of our warranty program clients, you just need help fine-tuning your aftermarket warranty program, or simply want to improve overall performance, we can help.  We can design a BI package to meet your specific needs and provide analytics, consulting, and training solutions to help generate results.


We believe that providing value and earning your business demands more than a focus on offering you the lowest possible cost.  And, while we are very price competitive, we are also focused on ensuring we field the infrastructure and services required to help you grow your business.  As former retailers, we know there is nothing more valuable than a vendor focused beyond making the next sales.  Contact us today and let us show you how our BI solutions can improve your team's performance and deliver more ROI with little to no upfront cost or risk.