Aftermarket warranty programs are an important source of profit for most retail dealers, some have been shown to boost dealer EBIT by 25% or more.  Today, more than ever, deploying the right warranty program can make the difference between thriving or simply surviving. 

We offer a range of warranty solutions optimized for today's challenging markets.  Whether you are interested in the financial leverage and wealth management features of our reinsurance solutions, the flexibility of our hybrid programs, or a "traditional" program, we have a solution.

All of our programs are turnkey, can be deployed in as few as 4 weeks and are designed to support brick and mortar and e-commerce operations.  Every program incorporates our full suite of services, such as:

  • All call center, CRM, e-registration and in-home tech services.
  • Reinsurance set-up and management including tax, investment and legal services.
  • "A" rated underwriting.
  • Deep-pocket contract "obligor" with $2B in assets.
  • Enhanced services portal providing access to sales, registration, claim and loss data.
  • Mobile enabled dashboard with interactive KPI charts and downloadable XL tables.
  • Compliance with all service contract laws, including 634 laws in states such as FL, NY, etc.

Getting started is simple.  We will review your financial and operating objectives, help you select a program that meets your needs, then implement and run your program in close coordination with your team, all with little drain on your management resources.

To learn more, review the "Overview Program Options" schematic below and "5 Steps To Finding A Program" further down this page.  Or simply call us today for a custom quote. 


  1. Select a structure.  Structure refers to the financial structure governing how profits are produced and risk is managed.  It's critical that your program's structure matches your goals.  For example, reinsurance programs produce higher profits and less risk than "traditional" programs and are a great choice for closely held firms.  Alternatively, hybrid programs incorporate features that are a better fit for publicly traded concerns, or entities having a large number of equity holders.  Our team will review your individual circumstances and help you make the choice that is right for you.
  2. Select a program.  Your aftermarket warranty program should support your merchandising goals.  Choose years of plan coverage (3 or 5 years), scope of coverage you want to provide your customers (stains, power, mechanical, etc.), and tools your vendor offers that support your attachment rate and service goals (e.g., mobile KPI apps, access to claim loss data, enhanced portals supporting both service and accounting teams).  Your program should balance coverage against cost, utilize sophisticated tools yet be easy to operate, and meet your profit goals while dovetailing with your customer service policies.  With multiple coverage and term options, mobile enabled KPI/service apps, and flexible service policies, we have a solution that can meet your needs.
  3. Review plan documents.  Review service contracts your customers receive for fairness, clarity and inclusion of identify and contact information of the plan's underwriter.  Ensure plan contracts (the actual service plan documents your customers receive) name an "obligor" having at least $1B in assets.  And, that all plan documents contain the name and contact information of the insurance concern underwriting service commitments set forth in those plan documents.
  4. Review risk management practices.  Determine your provider's experience with underwriting and risk management of aftermarket warranty programs.  Are actuaries involved that have experience with your products?  Does each dealer's program stand on its own?  Are there sufficient information systems to support your program?  Is each contract you sell underwritten by a first dollar contract liability (or reimbursement) insurance policy?  Do your payments for plans you sell flow first to a primary underwriter and then to your warranty vendor so that you avoid your payments being subject to your warranty vendor's cash flow constraints?  Are cash reserves set aside by your warranty vendor for each new service plan you sell so that you are guaranteed all future claim administration contingent liabilities are properly reserved for?  Does your vendor properly handle regulatory and GAAP compliance so as to help minimize your exposure in those areas?  We can answer yes to each of these questions and can help you evaluate your current provider's program for compliance with each of these criteria.
  5. Make a call center visit and review sales support infrastructure.  Understanding how your program will be supported is important.  You don't want to be in a position where your provider builds its call center on revenue earned from your program.  Similarly, ensuring your provider supports your efforts to improve service and organically grow sales protects your brand while improving your profits.  Call us to schedule a no obligation call center tour and a demonstration of our online mobile enabled service and sales support applications.


We offer other products to support dealers wanting cleaning and protection products, mattress protectors, and a number of training and consulting services.  Contact us today to learn more.